Please find below testimonials from our clients:

Dr Joseph Ndinga, Bioquick Laboratory, Congo

“At my laboratory in Congo we are equipped with three SFRI instruments: two H18 Light Blood Cell Counters and one ISE 400 Biochemistry Analyzer. I specifically chose the ISE 4000 for its TCO2 module and its valuable clinical applications in intensive care medicine. It is the policy of my laboratory to systematically conduct TCO2 tests as part of the routine electrolyte panel as well as calculate the anion gap. It so happens that the ISE 400 and that policy allowed us to save a young boy’s life.


“Not too long ago, I was presented with a case, that of a young teenage boy in a coma for the past 2 weeks. His doctor had ordered a routine electrolyte panel and in addition we conducted a bicarbonate test and calculated his anion gap. We revealed the patient to have metabolic acidosis; his blood was too acid and deregulated his metabolism. With these finding, the doctor was able to adjust his treatment and immediately administered bicarbonates to neutralize the acidity in the patient’s blood. Less than 24 hours later the patient came out of his coma.


“Moral of the story: when buying your laboratory IVD instruments cost is not the only criteria to examine, you have to weigh-in the human aspect of things, the concrete benefits it will bring to the quality of healthcare treatment to patients. Patient’s lives must come first. SFRI ISE 4000 allows us to do that.”


Dr Ndinga is a state licensed pharmacist-biologist from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Poitiers, France. He founded his laboratory Bioquick in Brazzaville in 1989, a private laboratory for biomedical analyses that has celebrated its 22nd anniversary. Bioquick is recognised in its country for the quality of its analysis and recently received a quality excellence award at the 15th International Quality Convention held in Paris on the 10th and 11th of April 2011. The Convention is part of the yearly B.I.D – Business Initiative Directions – program that acknowledges companies from countries all over the world for achievements in Quality and Excellence. Dr Joseph Ndinga received the International Star for Leadership in Quality Award.