New positions are opened ! SFRI is looking for:

- an assistant in sales administration,

- a study contrat in administration assistance,

- a study contrat in electrotechnicity (instrument production),

- a study contrat in supply management control !


Click here to see full descriptions.


De nouvelles offres sont disponibles pour rejoindre l'équipe SFRI. Nous recherchons :

- un assistant commercial ADV

- un contrat d'alternance en contrôle de gestion / Approvisionnements

- un contrat d'alternance en assistanat de direction

- un contrat d'alternance électrotechnicien


Pour voir les descriptions complètes, cliquez ici.

Training in Bali is over. Thank you to our partners who participates and we hope you enjoyed it and learn a lot.


This training was also the chance for "Asia area" partners to meet with Mathieu our New Sales Development Manager there.


Stay tuned to see the next training announcement.

Did you know?

SFRI got a facebook page!

We hope you'll like it, and share with us your pictures of SFRI's instruments in your clients' lab!

If you feel wordy, testimonials of your adventure with us we'll love it!

Le saviez-vous?


SFRI possède désormais une page facebook !

Nous espérons que vous l'apprécierez et que vous partagerez avec nous vos photos des instruments SFRI dans les laboratoires de vos clients!

Et si vous avez envie de partager votre aventure SFRI avec nous, écrivez nous un témoignage !


SFRI Medical Diagnostics vous attend! Cliquez sur la photo pour nous rejoindre!

SFRI  Medical Diagnostics is waiting for you! Just click on the picture to join us!

Le IONIX est pret à vous rejoindre!

The IONIX is ready to join you

Come and discover SFRI's new IONIX on its own website


Venez découvrir le nouveau IONIX sur son site internet dédié

SFRI is looking for some new people to its team! Join us!


Asia Development Manager

Quality Manager

Production operator


Laboratory technician


Come have a look in the carreers section!


Rejoignez l'équipe SFRI ! Plusieurs postes
et stages sont désormais disponibles !


Animateur de Zone Asie

Responsable Qualité


Opérateur de production

Technicien de laboratoire


Allez voir la carreers section pour toutes les informations.


SFRI vous attend, n'hésitez plus.


Thanks for coming to see us in Medlab Dubaï

Medlab 2018 was participative, motivated and full of business.

Thank you for your visit on our booth!

One more sucessful training

SFRI Team just finished one more training on 3 & 5 part-diff instrument, applicative & technical course!

This time the training took place in our beautiful city of Bordeaux !

Intense but so important, have a look inside the training ...

And thanks to our partners who participate!


Thank you all for coming so many to visit us at MEDICA!

This Medica 2017 was again so interesting and busy!

So thanks to all of our partners for their visits and meetings.


Merci à vous tous d'être venus nous voir si nombreux à MEDICA!

Cette année a encore été riche, intéressante et animée !

Merci à nos partenaires d'avoir répondu présents à l'appel et d'avoir participé à ces rendez-vous!



Did you notice new tabs on our website ?


SFRI is digitizing !! 4 new online services are now available!


1st : Activate your warranty online and easily beneficiate from a warranty extension !

2nd : Accept and confirm (complain about) your received order

3rd : Send a technical support claim


Digital revolution in on ! Hope you'll find those new services useful and helpful!



Avez-vous remarqué les nouveaux onglets sur notre site internet?


SFRI se digitalise et vous offre désormais 4 nouveaux services en ligne !


1er : Activer votre garantie en ligne et bénéficier simplement de l'extension de garantie !

2ème : Accepter et confirmer (réclamer) votre commande reçue

3ème : Envoyer une demande de support technique


La révolution digitale est en route ! SFRI espère que vous trouverez ces nouveaux services pratiques et utiles !


SFRI celebrated it's 40th birthday !! Thanks to all of you, who makes it possible !

2 jobs opening ... don't wait up !

SFRI Distributor's Day: a complete success

SFRI decided to let its partners talk about this distributor's day. A complete success to do again! Who's next?

Thank you PrimaMedi, the first team to testify !!

"For PrimaMedi Team it was a pleasure to attend distributors meeting in Slovenia,

We would like to thank you for your hospitality and kind concern,

We believe that this meeting will make our relationship more stronger for the future , also sharing our ideas to develop the  business relations .


Looking forward to see you soon in Georgia,



George Saldadze

Sophio Zedginidze

George Gorgaslidze"

SFRI Distributor's Day in Slovenia

SFRI's Distributor's Day is ending... A great moment of exchange and work! Thanks to our distributors for making those 2 days possible! SFRI is growing wider and wider and its partners are playing along. A real pleasure!


Now let's the application and technical training begin!

New JOB and INTERNSHIP opportunities

Visit our Carrers section to discover 1 new job and 1 new internship opportunities !


SFRI is hiring... Do you feel like joining our Adventure?



SFRI in Vietnam in Hô Chi Minh.

Yvonne, Christophe & Romain are currently leading a training in the old Saigon. Here's a small preview of their everyday view.

Our full range of Hematology products

26 Parameter 5-part Diff


Blood Cell Counter



20 Parameter 3-part Diff

60 t/h

Blood Cell Counters


Hematology Reagents

A full range of compatible hemtology reagents

20 Parameter 3-part Diff

Monochannel 30t/h

Blood Cell Counter



Client Al Osool showcases SFRI products at Saudi


LABExpo 21-23 November 2016

Thank you for visiting us at Medica 2016!


Go to our LinkedIn page to check out our


Medica Mannequin Challenge!

September 26th to 30th 2016 - SFRI India Training Session