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"Push and Go" Easy 5-Part Diff Analysis

A cost-sensitive high-performance blood cell counter with a modern touch screen interface

​HEMIX 5-60 is a 60 t/h, 26 parameter instrument perfectly adapted to low and medium-sized customers who are both cost sensitive and very demanding.

The HEMIX 5-60 analyzer is a one-in-4 instrument. It can work on either or close or open tubes and can be used manually or with an autoloader in just one click.

Easy and user-friendly, it is today's bestseller at SFRI!

A few Specifications

For cost-sensitive labs:

  • Only 3 reagents to manage

  • Very low maintenance

  • Minimal operational downtime

  • Proven components with minimum failures

  • + 4 flexible options: open or closed tubes / manual or autoloader
    "Plug & Play"modes

For performance demanding labs:

  • Long-life diode laser-based optical measurement technology that ensures optimal performance using a high-tech flow cell

  • Enhanced cellular analysis and detailed five-part white blood cell differentials

  • Exhaustive QC

  • High specificity & sensitivity

  • Advanced flagging system

  • Better prediction for negative and positive samples

  • Full traceability of operations and operators

Lab satisfaction guaranteed:

  • Maximum value at low running costs

  • Reduced long term investment

  • High confidence in results

  • Less manual slides for lab pathologists

  • Very modern Windows touch screen interface

  • Multilanguage software and multiuser mode

  • Connexion to lab network

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