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BSA 3000, Performance & Convenience Without Compomise

A Robust Programmable Spectrophotometer with Powerful Features for Biochemical Investigations

The easiest and first instrument to automatise biochemistry tests.

The BSA 3000 is user-friendly, robust and qualitative. What else to ask?

A few Specifications
  • Multiple measuring methods : End point, Kinetic, Fixed-time and absorbance analysis

  • Highly accurate and reliable results due to anti-vibration and anti-disturbance optical system

  • Measurement precision of 0.0001ABS

  • Wavelenths range 340 nm to 630 nm

  • Testing mode: flowcell

  • Bichromatic testing available

  • Calibration: linear and non-linear

  • Comprehensive quality control program

  • User-friendly interface

  • Reaction curves displayed

  • Open reagent system

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