ISE SERIES, To each His own Ion Selective Electrolyte Analyzer

An Electrolyte Analyzer Adapted to Every Need with Ergonomic and Economic Design Features


ISE SERIES Product Range of 6 instruments

Model     Tests

2000       Na+, K+

3000       Na+, K+, Cl-

4000       Na+, K+, Cl-, TCO2, A.G.

4500       Na+, K+, Cl-, Li+

5000       Na+, K+, Cl-, iCa2+, TCa2+, pH

6000       Na+, K+, Cl-, iCa2+, TCa2+, TCO2, pH, A.G.

A few Specifications

  • Up to 9 parameters

  • HSS technology for electrodes : long shelf life, rechargeable, easy access

  • All-in-one built-in dispsable specific reagents pack : slide an clip

  • Quality control program

  • Data storage up to 1000 samples

  • User-friendly operations :Large LCD Touch screen, integrated printer

  • 2 models equiped with TCo2 measurement

  • Optional auto-sampler and barcode reader