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IONIX - The new Ion Selective Electrodes analyzer to create as you see fit. The IONIX is the newest addition to SFRI’s range of ion analyzers with selective electrodes. Developed and manufactured by SFRI with the best and latest technologies, the IONIX is a high quality instrument that gives excellent results.

Create it from scratch .
No limit, no target laboratory, the IONIX can reach anyone who does electrolytes tests. Why? Because SFRI’s analyzer is 100%-modular.
The newest evolutions are the12V battery connection that will give the IONIX the ability to work no matter where and the power stability - and the autoloadeer now available ! With these options, it’s 80 possible versions of the IONIX that SFRI offers!

SFRI manufactures here, a powerful, high technological analyzer that will not only give excellent results but most of all will make everyone agree thanks to its use, its adaptability, its easiness, its friendliness and its modularity. The IONIX fits any small labs as it can fit big labs respecting the ISO 15189.

A jewel of modernity finally exists for a basic but crucial test.

Modernity? Definitely. The IONIX offers every characteristics you expect from a new analyzer on a market: total security, full traceability, small and compact, working on primary tubes, finally (economy and simplicity), with highly technical electrodes, easy and user-friendly software, modern connectivity (LIS protocol), …., yes definitely modern.

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