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H18 LIGHT, a Compact, Economic Solution for Laboratories

An Automatic 60 T/H Blood Cell Counter Ideal for Small to Mid-size Laboratories

BRAND NEW LINUX SOFTWARE "so much more user-oriented"

1. Multilingual
2. All printers available (ink jet or laser)
3. Up to 50 000 data storage
4. 4 USB ports: printer, keyboard, mouse AND software upgrade
5. 1 Ethernet port for data transfer
6. Screen resolution 600*800
7. Hardware stored in the internal memory
8. Data backup possible via USB export of samples results

"One of the best CVs on the 3 part-diff market".

A few Specifications

  • High quality French manufacturing of 60 T/H BCC

  • Three-part differentiation of WBC, 20 parameters +3 histograms

  • Cost effective: very low consumption rate of reagents

  • Throughput: 60 seconds per result

  • Up to 50 000 patient results can be stored

  • Provides accurate platelet counts at very low levels of concentration

  • Compact size, large color LCD display

  • Built-in thermal printer, external keyboard and mouse provided

  • Optional barcode reader

Newest upgrade: Closed reagent system with barcodes

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