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Mono Channel Blood Cell Counter. High Quality for small labs

The smallest of SFRI's hematology range, the HEMIX 3-30 is a 3-part diff blood cell counter benefiting from the same high technology as any other SFRI's analyzers.

SFRI created this analyzer to answer markets needs. Small laboratories were forgotten and forced to buy bigger instruments they did not need.

Now, they have their own instrument.

A few Specifications

  • 3 Part differentiation, 20 parameters, 3 histograms

  • Two counting modes: whole blood and prediluted blood

  • Throughput: less than 2 minutes per result

  • Tests can be launched consecutively even before previous test is finished printing.

  • Up to 12 000 patient results (including histograms) can be stored

  • Extensive quality control programs: Levey-Jennings list and charts with 9 control files

  • Compact size, built in thermal printer, large color LCD display: comfort and ease of use

  • Comprehensive Windows® based operating software with 3 optinoal languages: French, English and Spanish

  • Optional barcode reader: saves time, avoids identification errors and allows for hassle free routine

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